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Connor McDavid Girlfriend: Who is Lauren Kyle?

Lauren Kyle is the girlfriend of NHL player Connor McDavid.

Connor McDavid is a Canadian who plays the center position in professional ice hockey and leads as captain for the Edmonton Oilers in the NHL. He was chosen as the top pick by the Oilers in the 2015 NHL Entry Draft.

Who is Connor McDavid’s girlfriend?

Connor McDavid
Connor McDavid

This year, McDavid asked his girlfriend Lauren Kyle, whom he has been dating for almost eight years, to marry him. She shared the news on Instagram.

Where is Connor McDavid’s girlfriend from?

Connor McDavid’s girlfriend Lauren Kyle is from Edmonton, Alberta, Canada.

Where did Connor McDavid and Lauren Kyle meet?

McDavid and his girlfriend Lauren Kyle crossed paths in 2016 when they accidentally ended up at the wrong place for their friend’s birthday party.

What does Connor McDavid’s girlfriend do for a living?

Connor McDavid
Connor McDavid

Lauren Kyle, originally from Edmonton, Alberta, studied interior design at Ryerson University. She is the founder of her own design company, Kyle and Co. Design Studio, and is working on a cookbook called The Atelier Table. Kyle also has a strong interest in sports. She played volleyball in college and has been a consistent supporter of Connor, attending all of his home games in Edmonton. Both McDavid and Kyle were featured on an episode of Architectural Digest, where they showcased their lavish home in Edmonton.

Their residence includes an indoor sports court used by McDavid for basketball and hockey practice. The house also features a personal gym used by McDavid’s teammates, especially during the COVID-19 pandemic, and a sauna, which Kyle considers essential. She handled most of the interior design for their home.

Kyle and McDavid live together and they referred to their home as having a modern and stylish appearance, characterized by clean lines. Kyle mentioned that while the design is contemporary, it also includes some traditional elements. Interestingly, Kyle was responsible for designing McDavid’s three-story house. She is also a Toronto native and has a cookbook titled The Atelier Table, which is set to be released soon.

The pair also owns a dog named Leonard, whom Lauren jokingly describes as the ruler of their home. They both have an affection for dogs.

Lauren Kyle family and background

Lauren Kyle was born in Ontario, Canada, in 1996. She is the daughter of Paul and Sharon Kyle and has two brothers, David and Ward. Her father runs a small business, and her mother is a homemaker. While she has a close relationship with all her family members, it’s noted that Lauren shares a special bond with her mother. Lauren and Connor got engaged on June 22nd, 2023. This summer, the joyful pair went on a vacation to a luxurious resort named The Amangiri, located in Canyon Point, Utah. Resting well is crucial after a demanding season and playoffs.

Even though McDavid didn’t achieve his desired Stanley Cup victory this year, his life is still quite enjoyable. Besides being engaged, he’s expected to receive more awards, such as another Hart Trophy and Ted Lindsay Award.



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