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Why Patrick Mahomes doesn’t Sign Autographs?

Patrick Mahomes is now a big name in the NFL and has a lot of fans who really like him. They enjoy watching him, even when he’s playing golf. He recently decided not to give his signature for an autograph.

Mahomes plays quarterback in American football. He’s on the team called the Kansas City Chiefs in the NFL. His dad used to play a different sport, baseball, in the MLB. Mahomes went to Texas Tech University and played both football and baseball there. But after his second year, he chose to only play football. During his third year, he was really good and led in a lot of areas like throwing far and scoring touchdowns among all the college players. The Kansas City Chiefs picked him as the 10th choice in the 2017 NFL Draft.

Patrick Mahomes doesn’t sign autographs

Patrick Mahomes
Patrick Mahomes

Patrick Mahomes, who is known for being really polite when he’s not playing, got criticized recently for not giving a kid an autograph. He was getting ready to play golf at the American Century Championship and had a lot of fans around him. But he didn’t agree when a kid asked him to sign his jersey, even though the kid looks up to him. Some fans are upset with Patrick for this, but some other athletes, like De’Vondre Campbell from the Green Bay Packers, are on Patrick’s side and supporting him.

During his fourth time at the celebrity event, Mahomes was busy signing lots of autographs while playing one of his rounds. This is a kind gesture, but it was slowing down the game in the busy event. In fact, he had to be reminded to stop signing by someone, and you can see him talking to a few fans about it in this video.

Even though he’d really like to sign things for everyone, he has to keep things moving. If players signed stuff during the rounds, the event would need a lot more days to finish. Now, there’s also the upset dad who didn’t seem to get it, but Mahomes explained nicely to both him and a kid in the group. The kid, standing by the ropes, politely asked if Mahomes could sign his jersey after he played his shot, and Mahomes told him the same thing about not being able to sign for everyone.

“I can’t make everybody happy,” Mahomes said.

“No, you can, you can just make one kid happy out of 100,” the dad replied.

“I’ll make 99 sad,” Mahomes replied back.

The father’s attempt to do something nice for his child is understandable, but there was no need for him to react so negatively. It would have been a different situation if Mahomes had treated the child poorly, but that was certainly not the case. Mahomes politely explained the reasons for not being able to sign, and it’s reasonable to expect people to understand that in a respectful manner. If someone truly wants an autograph, the most effective approach is usually to wait until Mahomes has finished playing the round and is off the course.



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