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Why Doesn’t Tom Brady Eat tomatoes?

Tom Brady is 46 years old but he’s still really fit. What’s cool about his success in the NFL is that, unlike other top athletes, he openly shares how he keeps performing so well.

It’s like he’s challenging his rivals to reach his level when he shares his health, exercise, and food tips.

What does Tom Brady’s diet look like?

Tom Brady
Tom Brady

People recognize Tom Brady because he’s won the Super Bowl seven times and follows a really strict diet to boost his performance. The NFL quarterback mostly eats plant-based foods that help with inflammation and balancing the body’s acidity, and these foods are usually grown nearby and are organic. Sometimes he eats animal products, but it’s usually lean proteins like fish.

Being the oldest quarterback in NFL history to both start and win a Super Bowl, Brady often appears in sports news. Recently, his way of eating has become almost as popular as his playing. People got curious about his diet when he told them he mostly eats plants.

Tom Brady’s diet, also called the TB12 diet, is a way of eating that’s rich in protein and plants. It doesn’t include things like gluten, dairy, corn, soy, MSG, coffee, alcohol, GMOs, sugar, and unhealthy fats. Some foods, even certain fruits and vegetables like nightshades, are not allowed, and specific oils are also restricted.

The rules for the Tom Brady diet are strict, but the goal is to have foods packed with nutrients and to avoid those that might cause inflammation, according to his beliefs. Brady says his diet gives him more energy, helps prevent bone injuries, makes him perform better in sports, and speeds up his recovery.

Similar to the usual American diet, the Tom Brady diet involves having breakfast, lunch, and dinner, along with snacks. However, the timing and structure of meals in this plan are very strict, which might make it hard to stick with for a long time. For example, Brady starts his day with water that has electrolytes added. His breakfast usually consists of a smoothie with fruits, nuts, and seeds. After he exercises, he drinks a protein shake made with almond milk.

Lunch and dinner are rich in vegetables, picked based on what’s in season by Brady’s personal chef. These meals usually come with a protein source like fish. Some meals are plant-based and include things like whole grains such as quinoa, along with cooked greens and herbs. Brady’s private chef takes care of meal planning and cooking, which removes the need for Brady to spend time on these tasks while still following the diet. His diet also suggests drinking lots of water, but it’s specific about when to do so. The plan says you should drink water half an hour before eating, then avoid it during meals and for an hour after. There’s no scientific proof that this is necessary. Actually, drinking water during meals can actually help with digestion.

Why doesn’t Tom Brady eat tomatoes?

Tom Brady
Tom Brady

Brady doesn’t eat a certain group of vegetables called ‘Nightshades.’ This group includes veggies like eggplants and tomatoes. He avoids these because they’re part of his 12-step plan to stay in great shape. Nightshades can cause inflammation and make his body’s pH level go up, which might affect his performance. So, he skips them to stay energetic during games.



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