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Patrick Mahomes Brother: Who is Jackson Mahomes?

Jackson Mahomes is the brother of NFL player Patrick Mahomes.

Patrick Mahomes is a quarterback and plays for the Kansas City Chiefs in the NFL. His dad used to play in the MLB. Patrick went to Texas Tech University where he played football and baseball. He stopped playing baseball after his second year to concentrate on football. In his third year, he was really good and led in passing yards and touchdowns. The Kansas City Chiefs picked him in the 2017 NFL Draft as the 10th overall choice.

Who is the brother of Patrick Mahomes?

Patrick Mahomes

Jackson Mahomes, Patrick Mahomes’ younger brother, is quite famous. He was born on May 15, 2000, and he shares his way of life on his own Instagram account. This account has more than 200,000 people who follow him, and he became really well-liked for it. He’s also a big star on TikTok, where almost a million people follow him. He likes to make TikTok videos during the games, and he got more attention when he did this during the Chiefs’ Super Bowl.

Jackson went to Whitehouse High School in Texas and was a sports star there. He played basketball and was really good at shooting from far away. There’s a video of him making a lot of shots from far away on a small court in his backyard. In the video, he also showed how good he is at dribbling and did a cool move where he threw the ball to himself off the backboard and then dunked it.

Jackson Mahomes is well-known for making content on TikTok and being a star on Instagram. He’s officially verified on TikTok and has received more than 3.4 million likes on his videos, having nearly a million people following him. On Instagram, he’s followed by about 200,000 users. In one of his YouTube vlogs, Jackson talks about how TikTok has helped him be known for himself, separate from his famous brother, Patrick Mahomes, who is a big deal in American sports.

He feels happy that people recognize him from TikTok rather than just being Patrick’s brother. Jackson often shares videos on TikTok and Instagram where he’s with his brother and sister-in-law, Brittany Matthews. Sometimes, he’s also seen with his Mom, Dad, and younger sister Mia. He’s even appeared alongside other TikTok stars, especially notable is his collaboration with Charli D’Amelio, who has the most fans on the whole platform.

What does Jackson Mahomes do for a living?

Patrick Mahomes

Jackson Mahomes is a social media celebrity who makes content for different social platforms – TikTok, Instagram, and YouTube – and this is how he makes his income. He has accounts on these platforms under his own name. He’s known for recording TikTok videos during his brother’s games, which got him a lot of attention. He’s also taken pictures for various companies on his Instagram account. He uploads vlogs and videos on his official YouTube channel too. Jackson Mahomes is also part of promoting many brands and does posts where he talks about these brands on his social media. He has significant deals with brands like Lululemon and Cuts Clothing for clothing. He also supports products like LifeAid Beverages, Head & Shoulders, and Chipotle.



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