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Broderick Jones net worth 2023: How much does he earn?

Broderick Jones plays football as an offensive tackle for the Pittsburgh Steelers in the National Football League (NFL).

He used to play football for Georgia in college, and during that time, he won the CFP national championship twice. Then, in the 2023 NFL Draft, the Pittsburgh Steelers picked him in the first round.

Early life and career

Broderick Jones
Broderick Jones

The large and powerful offensive tackle, Broderick Jones, did his college football at Georgia Bulldogs. He was born in Lithonia, Georgia, and considers Georgia University as his second home. Before going to the University of Georgia, Broderick went to Lithonia High School for his earlier schooling.

Broderick began playing football when he was about 7-8 years old. Since he was always bigger than kids his age, he often played with older children. Despite his size, he’s quite fast on his feet, which helps him imitate the defender’s movements and recover quickly from rushes. His athleticism, thanks in part to his skills in high school basketball, is impressive. His strong grip allows him to take control of his opponents, and there are numerous examples of him easily knocking down his opponents.

However, Broderick does have some weaknesses that critics have noted. He’s not yet the complete package. His punches seem slow and come from awkward angles, which means he can’t fully utilize his reach. He struggles to stand his ground against powerful rushes, and he tends to lower his head during initial contact, losing sight of his opponent.

In summary, if Broderick can become more physical during critical moments and maintain his blocks for longer periods, it will significantly improve his game. It might take him a couple of years to settle into a starting role, but he has a lot of potential. People expect Jones to become a reliable starter within the next two years.

In his first year in 2020 as a freshman, Jones didn’t play in games (redshirt player). However, in 2021, he became more active and started four games to fill in for Jamaree Salyer, who was injured. His performance earned him a spot on the 2021 SEC All-Freshman Team. In the 2023 NFL Draft, the Pittsburgh Steelers chose Jones as the 14th overall pick.

Broderick Jones hails from a loving family. He was born in Lithonia, Georgia, USA, to parents Roosevelt Dotson and Tamara Jones. Unfortunately, his father passed away when Broderick was just 6 years old. He has three siblings – an older brother named Roger, and two older sisters named Kyonna and Kynesha. Even though he’s now in the NFL, during the 2023 NFL Draft, Broderick Jones shared a special connection with his family. Viewers saw him on television, sitting with his family on a couch, eagerly awaiting his name to be called during the first round of the draft. Their support meant a great deal to him during that thrilling moment.

Jones wears the number 77 to pay tribute to his former Georgia teammate, Devin Willock, who tragically passed away in a car accident in January 2023.

Broderick Jones net worth

Broderick Jones
Broderick Jones

Broderick Jones has an estimated net worth of around $5 million.

NameBroderick Jones
Net Worth$5 million


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