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Anthony Richardson Brother: Who is Corey Carter?

Corey Carter is the brother of NFL player Anthony Richardson.

Anthony Richardson is a quarterback for the NFL team called the Indianapolis Colts. Before that, he played college football at the University of Florida. In 2023, the Colts chose him as the fourth overall pick in the NFL Draft.

During college, he had some trouble with being consistent and accurate in his throws because his footwork wasn’t great. But people think he can get better at this as he keeps playing. However, people do praise him for being really fit and tall, which makes him well-suited for the tough style of the NFL. His throwing arm is one of the strongest in football, so he can make long throws easily. Also, people notice that he’s a good leader and works really hard.

Who is Anthony Richardson’s brother?

Anthony Richardson
Anthony Richardson

Corey Carter is Anthony Richardson’s brother. Corey was born in Tennessee and grew up in Miami. As per some reports, he’s about 13 years old. Anthony and Corey’s parents separated when they were little, but their mom, LaShawnda Cleare, took care of them while working multiple jobs. It’s said that she got married again to Ferrell Cleare in June 2021.

Corey went with Richardson on the night of the 2023 NFL draft when the Colts chose his brother. Both brothers dressed exactly the same for the big occasion. Once Indianapolis picked Richardson, Corey talked to NFL Network reporter Melissa Stark. In the interview, the young teenager shared how much his older brother inspires him.

A lot of people watching the interview were also taken aback by Corey’s confidence and his deep voice. Some folks also noticed that he had a tattoo on his neck.

Anthony Richardson career

Anthony Richardson
Anthony Richardson

Anthony Richardson, who was born in Gainesville, Florida, started his football journey at the University of Florida. There, he played as the main quarterback for the Gators. He’s a quarterback who can both run and throw well. He’s quite tall and has a very strong throwing arm, which makes him physically impressive. But there are worries about how accurately he can throw, especially for shorter and medium distances. This might be because of how he moves his feet while throwing.

At the NFL Combine, Richardson left a strong impression by doing something remarkable. He jumped really high, setting a new record at 40.5 inches, and tied another record for jumping far with a 10-foot-9 jump, just like Arkansas’ Matt Jones. These amazing achievements showed how athletic Richardson is. Still, his accuracy and footwork need more attention and practice if he wants to reach his full potential in the NFL.

Richardson is a quarterback in the 2023 NFL Draft who is getting a lot of attention. He’s tall, measuring 6 feet 4 inches, and weighs 244 lbs. He’s a strong and athletic player who can throw the ball well. He was the starting quarterback for the University of Florida’s team, the Gators.

He’s known as a quarterback who can both throw the ball and run with it when needed. His height and strong body make him stand out, and not many players, even in the NFL, have such a powerful throwing arm like his. He’s also very athletic and can move around easily, which makes him a great package of physical abilities.



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