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Ja Morant Parents: Who are Tee Morant and Jamie Morant?

Tee Morant and Jamie Morant are the parents of NBA player Ja Morant.

Ja Morant is a pro basketball player for the Memphis Grizzlies in the NBA. Back in 2019, when he was a sophomore, he played college basketball for Murray State Racers and was picked as a top All-American by most folks.

Who are Ja Morant’s parents?

Ja Morant
Ja Morant

Tee Morant, Ja Morant’s proud dad and toughest critic, is often seen in the crowd cheering for his son when he plays for the Memphis Grizzlies, both at home and away games. Tee isn’t afraid to exchange words with other players and parents occasionally. Originally from South Carolina, Tee used to play high school basketball at Hillcrest and was once a teammate of the Hall of Famer Ray Allen. He also played college basketball at Claflin University. Although he had dreams of going pro, Tee changed his plans when his wife, Jamie, became pregnant with Ja.

Tee Morant has always pushed his son hard as he grew up, which helped Ja become one of the top NBA players today. Even though Ja is now a pro, he still faces his dad’s critiques. After the Memphis Grizzlies beat the Minnesota Timberwolves in the first round of the playoffs, Tee described Ja’s play in the series as poor. Ja didn’t perform at his best during the series, but the team managed to move forward after six games.

All the hard work paid off for the Morant family when Ja became a college standout at Murray State. After that, he was selected as the second overall pick in the 2019 NBA Draft and is currently one of the top young talents in the NBA.

Tee Morant sometimes talks trash with NBA players and their parents. In a recent game between the LA Lakers and Memphis Grizzlies, Tee had a heated exchange with NFL legend Shannon Sharpe. During halftime, Sharpe got into an argument with several Grizzlies players, including Ja Morant, Dillon Brooks, and Steven Adams. It began when Brooks said something to Sharpe, who then invited him to discuss it in person.

Adams approached Sharpe, and coaches had to hold him back. Ja joined in, talking to the famous tight end. Tee got involved too, but security stepped in to break it up. Before the second half began, ESPN reported that Tee Morant was fine, with normal blood pressure, and still held respect and love for Sharpe. Importantly, no one was kicked out of the game or the arena.

Ja Morant
Ja Morant

Ja Morant’s mom, Jamie Morant, has played a significant role in the NBA star’s life. They’ve had a strong connection since he was a kid. Just like her son and husband, Jamie used to be a basketball player when she was younger. She not only played as a point guard on the basketball court but also competed in college-level softball.

Currently, Jamie Morant’s profession is not known. Her main focus has always been taking care of her family and supporting her kids in any way she can. She deeply loves both her children and doesn’t hide it.

In recent months, the Memphis Grizzlies’ guard has made news for his off-court behavior. Near the end of the regular season, he faced a suspension for showing a firearm during a live social media broadcast.



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